Draining Channels Upgrade

Draining Channels Upgrade

Replacement of existing draining systems with high drain surface channels.

  • Shorter pressing times
  • Increased filling capacity
  • Fewer solids
  • Easier cleaning

Slotting Evolution In Diemme Enologia’s Channels

  1. Starting evolution
    • Slot 30×1.8mm
    • Pitch 60x20mm (not aligned)
    • N°125 slot/linear meter
    • Slotted surface: 67.5 cm²/m
  2. First evolution
    • Slot 30×1.8mm
    • Pitch 38x20mm (not aligned)
    • N°200 slot/linear meter
    • Slotted surface: 108 cm²/m
    • Increase in 1): +60%
  3. Current features
    • Slot 30×1.8mm
    • Pitch 38x10mm (not aligned)
    • N°400 slot/linear meter
    • Slotted surface: 216 cm²/m
    • Increase in 1): +220%
    • Increase in 2): +100%

Repositioning of pomace conveyors under the pressing membrane

Pomace conveyors repositioning

Better sanitation, shorter wash and discharge times

  • Quicker pomace removal
  • Decrease in residual pomace inside the press
  • Easier cleaning of the pressing tank

Electric cabinet and HMI update

Adjustable HMI that can be removed for winter storage

HMI upgrades

  • Large number and increased flexibility of the pressing programs
  • Remote display of the door location with customized positions
  • Simple and user-friendly programming data processing in tree view

Replacement of obsolete or discontinued control systems

Electrical Cabinet Upgrade

Electric cabinet replacement for Diemme Enologia machines and other brands with a new stainless steel panel

Velvet T Membrane Press HMI and electrical cabinet.jpg

  • Updated components
  • Increase in reliability
  • Adaptation to comply with current regulations